“Poverty or prosperity begins with thought”…Sri Amma Bhagavan

In the Universe everything exists in Abundance.
The Universe is ready to give you everything!
All you need is to know HOW to get it.


This course is unique as it comes from the ancient rituals of the most well known and followed of all the Eastern Yoga traditions.

(Devotion & Love of the Divine)

This course is designed for WEALTH CREATION to help
You to manifest it!

Your desire for abundance is most likely held with an undeserving, worried, doubtful, resentful, fearful attitude somewhere in your psyche and has become a huge obstacle. And guess what, those same constricted thoughts are also tied into hindering your Awakening.

Money is one of the most sensitive, vulnerable areas in our life and one of the most powerful.

According to Divine cosmic law, wealth creation is a Noble pursuit.

In all the ancient cultures, there were goddesses specific to Wealth and Abundance that were honored, worshiped and exalted for their powers of bestowing riches. Each society paid homage to the “energy of wealth” in the form of the Goddess. Tapping into the wealth of the Universe was a very sacred part of life and understood to be one of the pathways to Liberation.

saraswathi vinakaya

Energy is everything and money is a reflection of the external energy of where our passion and interests are executed. We are here to fulfill our Divine Purpose, and along with that we can enjoy tremendous Abundance, why not! Everything has a frequency and vibrational imprint and money reflects a high energy as it relates to our human condition inside the Heart. Having Abundance is a noble and natural way of life. Desiring more money is fine as long as there is balance.


For too long, this energy area has been thwarted for many. It is NOW time that we as a people break free of all our “misconceptions and myths” about the quest for pursuing and manifesting a very prosperous and fortune filled life. There is much negative conditioning tied into and around having and making money.

Discover another dimension of your true potential, see the image of yourself change and see how you start respecting and valuing yourself differently when the Dharma of Abundance resides in your consciousness.

The Divine wants us to live in Abundance.


With all the changes occurring and new systems being implemented as the out-of-date and out-of-integrity is breaking apart, much energy all over the world is in worry about finances. The stock market which many people are heavily vested in is very volatile and is having devastating days not seen since 2008. Real estate values are crashing even further and no relief in the near future. Every day another financial issue is headline news. Jobs are scarce and that puts fear into many people’s survival mind set. The area of financial matters is under the magnifying glass for the entire world.

The good news is We as a global society are in “creation mode”, and this is an upheaval that is restructuring our world for now and the future. Our inner life is being reorganized to align and unfold in this New Humanity, the rules are changing. In this course, Anette is giving us the foundation and specific guidance on creating Abundance from the Heart.



  • Are you ready to receive a life of ease, abundance and luxury where you don’t have to be concerned over what you spend?
  • Would you like to be free of any thoughts of lack or poverty consciousness?
  • Would you enjoy being able to treat others to dinners, buy fabulous presents for your friends and family, travel wherever you like, sponsor a child, donate to worthy causes?


Anette is going to teach TWO profound systems back to back, imbued with transmissions of sparkling illumined energy. These two powerful processes will greatly shift your connection to creating wealth and abundance and are key to authentic wisdom, the Wealth of Devotion.


In this alchemy course, we are transforming carbon into diamonds, our inner self is awakening to higher dimensions/frequencies governed by the law of the Abundance of the Divine Universe. In those frequencies are the pathways to open our blockages and release the patterns and influences from the present as well as from our ancestors that are holding us back. Your ancestors can play a huge role in blocking your ability to create Wealth.


We really don’t have that much choice, because whatever is in conflict with our harmony and balance is being pushed forward.
We are in essence the Divine and like the eternal Mother, she wants us to thrive, she wants to give everything, if we are able to Receive it. The DIVINE wants you to live in a state of abundance, it’s its natural state.


Is having wealth and luxury spiritual?

This is a dilemma that many people struggle with. Somewhere we have been conditioned that wealth is based on materialism and not aligned with being spiritual. Many of the same issues about being wealthy follow us into our Awakening such as being worthy, valuable and deserving.

Thoughts come up…

  • Can I really achieve my dreams?
  • Is having alot of money a distraction?
  • Why does it seem so difficult to have financial freedom in my life?
  • How would I feel if I was able to do exactly what I want when I want?
  • Does having too much wealth create jealousy and is it ostentacious?
  • How would I feel if the stress and concern over lack of money was completely removed?

True Wealth is a direct pathway to
living a more conscious life.

During this very specific guided course, you will be asked to participate in certain protocols for manifesting abundance. This program will require of you to put in effort to do the ancient rituals that will be shared. These classes are all about how Abundance leads to Awakening, a pathway for Divine expansion.



  • If you want to come face to face with your real potential…
  • If you want to participate in the game of manifestation…
  • If you want to help those around you become more prosperous…
  • If you desire to feel the esteem and respect money energy brings…
  • If you wish to make peace with your ancestoral influences that hold you back…
  • If you want to truly become free of the constraints & contractions that lack of wealth brings…
  • If you desire to contribute financially to the greater good of society and projects you would like to support…


Anette guides you through the new process given by Oneness University as well as her own personal Wealth process that was shared in a gathering many years ago in India that she attended. She followed that and her entire life changed.

Anette will give the 11 keys that will absolutely open up the pathways for abundance to flow easily. This course is going to expand your consciousness in ways you can not imagine by rewiring your brain through specific rituals that will release and override old programming.

This course includes a special chanting link made by Anette specifically for this program. It is a sacred mantra that has been designated by Oneness University to be repeated while performing the Wealth Puja. You can repeat it by yourself or you can listen to Anette and chant along with her. This will make the process even more powerful with her Gifted highly energetically charged voice.


If you have any issues around money
then this course will help advance
you into a New Dimension!


PURCHASE the full 6 HOURS of this Life Altering Prosperity & Abundance Course. Downloadable onto your computer, each week also contains live video of Anette. She performs the Puja on video from her house in Sweden.