Once in a while there comes along a new standard, a new protocol, a new paradigm that creates a breakthrough methodology that brings a new level of healing to the world.

From Germany, which is a leader in holistic and natural remedies and new sciences, comes the extraordinary inspired “Atlas Balancing™” developed by Elisabeth Westermann.

This extremely gentle technique imploring touch and sound therapy only, opens the body to a self-healing that can bring lasting and permanent changes in your entire alignment. Testimonials from around the world atest to years of long term, plaguing symptoms miraculously clearing after one session. The Atlas being aligned properly is most important for the functionality of all systems, as it’s like a gatekeeper for messages passing through the nervous system and brain.

My Story about how this came about…

“Having been trained in Atlas Profilax, I was highly skilled in using that technique and had been treating people for some years. Intuitively though I felt there was another way of delivering these same results in a gentler more energetic way, but did not have an inkling for some time.

Around one year ago I received what felt like Divine guidance to use specific soundcodes, energetic work and gentle touch to realign the Atlas. This Gift came through strongly and with that I was able to see (by using this methodology) how the Atlas naturally returned back into its’ healthy position. Miracles began happening for people!

I had also been involved with the Oneness phenomenon out of southern India at Oneness University becoming a translator for German groups going to OU. While I was there, I began offering sessions using this new Gift and people were having astonishing results. I would translate then give sessions during the off times.

While there, 60 of the Indian monks/guides had sessions and then asked if I would be able to train them to work with Atlas Balancing. On my next trip back, I trained two groups, males and females, and also gave many more sessions to the Indians, Europeans and Asians people during the Deepening course offered there. My work was personally blessed by the founders of Oneness University.

I was told this work was important to support the awakening state of energies of Living in the Presence in that our systems were attuning to now. Also was told that this new technology would be spreading throughout the world.

When I returned home, the expansion began immediately. I started receiving invitations from other countries and began traveling offering sessions and training. The recognition of this body of work began to unfold in a natural, beautiful way. I knew in my heart and felt what was told to me to be true. I am in deep gratitude to the Divine for this sacred gift of healing.”

Why is the Atlas alignment so vitally important for health and conscious evolution?

The balancing of the Atlas position also leads to balancing and vertical alignment of the energetic body between heaven and earth and between the male and the female poles.

As we know, the central support system for the body is the spine. The spine is made up of 26 linked bones called vertebrae. At the very top of the spine is the first cervical vertebra called the Atlas. The Atlas carries the head and is responsible for the proper alignment of the entire spinal cord and skeletal system.

Once the Atlas has found its way back to its original position, it will have the stability that was not there before. For anatomical-mechanical reasons, it will not be able to leave its newfound stabilized position and return to its previous misalgined location. It will remain stable throughout the individual’s entire lifetime. .

When the Atlas is in a stabilized, balanced position, the life force energy sometimes referred to as “kundalini”, the energy of awakening, can also rise in a more balanced, harmonic way. This happens because of the way the main blockages release when the Atlas is realigned.

On a more spiritual level, the Atlas is the gatekeeper in the body for the life force to fully expand and anchor in the higher realms. Improper alignment of the Atlas contributes to feelings of being out of balance, disharmony and having increased fear. As one is moving into living from illumined states of consciousness, the powerful kundalini energies associated with awakening and heightened vibrations need to move freely up the entire spine and into the head area, crown chakra. When the Atlas is not aligned, then there can be stuck energy which can impair one’s process in many ways. The energetic flow can be hampered which can result in not being able to consistently hold these higher frequencies.

When the Atlas is out of place it causes the head to tilt and turn and the entire spine follows this error, spreading confusion throughout the body’s skeletal structure. A direct symptom of this misalignment is a stiffening of the muscles. This stiffening of the muscles cause many other painful symptoms to affect the body such as constriction of bloodflow, spinal fluid, nerves and bodily fluids causing the immune system to become weak and sluggish. The body instinctively tries to straighten the head up while keeping the head over the feet (center of gravity). And this further causes stress throughout the spine, the shoulders, the pelvis, the hips, the knees, and the ankles.

When the Atlas is out of alignment the body can suffer from headaches, neck pain, stiff neck, back pain, herniated disk, scoliosis, jammed spinal nerves, pain in the hips, knees and joints, differences in leg length and continuous pressure on the spinal column.

From birth it is turned at least 19 degrees. So this profound turn and also the tilting of this vertebrae can cause a lot of discomforts and even diseases. If the birth has been dramatic in any way, it will be turned even more. Accidents and falls also worsen the position even more.
Effects on the emotional/mental systems
Through the changes in the static and alignment of the body, old traumas may be released, and limiting thoughts and emotional patterns will surface and dissolve. Even depression and fear disorders will often be influenced in a positive way through this self-healing process. All of this happens automatically, by itself, and cannot be predicted in any form or time frame.

Atlas Balancing™ does not involve diagnosis or therapy in the physical sense. We are working with energetic healing, touch for health and spiritual healing. This work is not meant to replace the therapeutic work of the medical profession but is a support in re-awakening the self-healing capabilities and health in every person. The methodology intertwines body, mind and spirit and is used for the healing of the whole person.


  • Atlas Balancing™ needs ONLY one session to align the Atlas permanently. The session also works energetically with the spine and cervicals for a harmonized alignment.
  • Atlas Balancing™ can help relieve many chronic imbalances and pain related conditions.
  • Atlas Balancing™ helps the human body and energy-system to cope more easily with the Awakening process and how energies are pulsing through the body.
  • Animals are also very, very receptive to this treatment even horses. The work allows them not to take on their owner’s health issues and can assist to bring them back to balanced health.


In general Westermann says, that most of the time, while the treatments bring a physical relief in different areas of the body, there is also a profound change in the attitude towards life. It is to be observed, that people experience high states of consciousness, bliss, more aliveness … an expanded sense of presence. Many of these people have never heard of an awakening process or Oneness before. I also observed that people that have done deep spiritual work for sometime seem to more easily stay in elevated states of awareness. The energy centers appear to balance and realign so the flow throughout the body is increased
I love doing this work!! I am extremely grateful to be able to serve Humanity in this way. I want to spread this gift as quickly as possible so that many people have the chance for this major upgrade in their nervous system and to support their shift in consciousness.

“I love doing this work!! I am extremely grateful to be able to serve Humanity in this way. I want to spread this gift as quickly as possible so that many people have the chance for this major upgrade in their nervous system and to support their shift in consciousness.”


If you are a practitioner or work in the healing field and feel drawn to be certified to offer this work, Elisabeth will be in the U.S. in March/April for 5 weeks only. She will hold 2 Level 1 trainings and at least one Level 2 training. Level 1 will certify you to give the full Atlas Balancing™ procedure. Level 2 can be taken along with Level 1 or later and is optional. Level 2 is a significant upgrade to this modality by integrating the coccyx energetic sound code alignment along with the center plexus area. Both are very important in the overall structural framework and spiritual evolvement.

Elisabeth will only take 8 people in each Level 1 and 10 people in Level 2. The Level 1 trainings will be 6.5 days straight or may also be given on weekends, Fri-Sun/Mon from morning to early evening. Level 2 is one 4 day weekend. Each day will be very full with lots of hands on, and quite highly energized. And you will easily find yourself toning these ancient codes from the first day. This is extremely experiential and hands on. There is more information on the Trainings below as well as payment registration.

This body of work launched first time in the U.S./Canada Oct/Nov 2012 and the first 20 certified Atlas Balancer™ practitioners trained became the pioneers for this extraordinary new technology paradigm. For a practitioner, the benefits of this evolutionary work in addition to what your own practice is offering now, is a huge support in accelerating healing on many levels. Offering one session will transform a person’s life. You will be part of the foundation of a profound mission for this healing work that is destined to unfold globally.

Please contact me, Bhimi Cayce as I am coordinating her trip, trainings and appts. Scroll down for more information and to contact me.

My Personal Experience…

“I can tell you that when I was in India and met Elisabeth and was hearing all these amazing stories, it was hard to believe, so I decided to have my own session. I was completely astonished that the two lumps that had been on the side of my neck for over 12 years, were completely gone the next day. And I could tell I had such an increase in feeling and receiving the Deepening program energetic atunements. I can feel that the energetic blockages I could tell were in my field have released and more flow and aliveness is present everyday. From that time forward, I have Not had the usual neck pains and strains that I usually have which would lead to needing adjustments. Normally I would have at least 2 adjustments a month. Since the treatment 6 mos ago, I have not been to a chiropractor for any kind of adjustment and my neck moves easily from side to side with no stiffness.” Bhimi


“The experience I had with Elisabeth Westermann was sweet and profound. I heard about Atlas Balancing for some time and was curious to find out what all the talk was about as it seemed to be helping many people. Elisabeth’s energy felt very grounded and clear which helped to be receptive and open to the healing energy. Her touch felt intuitive and guided and I instantly felt an opening happening in my chakra’s. Her angelic voice assisted in releasing what felt like blockages of energy and thru the vibration of her voice, the opening came easily. Practically speaking, I haven’t had the neck pain I used to have ever since receiving the Atlas Balancing. My ability to turn my head easily and without pain I attribute to the Atlas adjustment and Elisabeth’s tender yet intentional healing. Elisabeth has a special gift to offer for those willing to receive. Check it out!”
Catherine Scherwenka, Oneness University

“My experience with Elisabeth Westermann was very nice, and more powerful then I expected. The minute she started I felt my energy body open and my kundalini start to rise. Throughout the treatment I felt a lot happening physically within me, especially around and throughout the spine. As the procedure went on, I felt that in order to balance the atlas the base of the spine moving upward must first be in order. Ando so it seemed she started at the base and moved up using toning, the laying of hands, etc.

Afterwards, I definitely felt that a fundamental shift had taken place. I felt lighter and my neck felt more free. I also feel that it was a big part of my process of awakening and is something that has continued to unfold and will continue as I grow into a more conscious state of being. I know this will support this re-alignment within my body. Also vice versa, in terms of this procedure giving the body a better foundation in order to support a higher level of consciousness. I am very grateful for what Elisabeth was able to offer me and I fully support her heart felt gifts.”
Matthew Lundbeck, Oneness University

“After the Atlas Balancing my migrane that I have been suffering under for at least ten years, was gone. Ever since then – over one year now- it never has come back. I feel this steady warm flow of kundalini ever since the session going up my back. And also my whole attitude towards life has changed profoundly. I feel more connected with life and no more in resistance. I am full of thankfullness towards the Divine.”
Sylvia G. Deeskha giver Berlin, Germany

I feel fabulous! Words can hardly describe – yet, I know you know! All stiffness, pain in my back, neck, etc., is completely gone — & I feel ‘lighter’ ‘clearer’ – even feels easier to breathe & that wasn’t even an issue – at least not that I knew of – just feeling so open and and grounded and energy flowing freely through me from crown chakra through the soles of my feet.
Amazing blessing – thank you again!”
Laurien Towers, Los Angeles, CA

“After one year of unbearable headaches they have been totally gone after the balancing and never came back again! At the same time, my body, especially my head and shoulders as well as my lower back feel free and light and movable.”
Nicole from Nieull, Germany

“Marco is full of restlessness when he comes. He is not able to sit still. He reports that concentrating in school is very difficult for him and the physicians have diagnosed ADHS. What I notice also is that he is tiptoeing instead of walking on his whole foot. Half a year after the treatment I saw him and he is a totally changed person! Silently he sits down, facing me and saying: “Mrs. Westermann, I am so thankful for the treatment that you did with me! Now I am able to follow the teachers in school and can perfectly concentrate on what I am doing. It is such a relief for me!“
Reported by Elisabeth: Marco, 8 yrs. East Germany

“Since many years I have been suffering under a lot of backpain, caused by misplacements of the discs in the lower back as well as upper back. Oftentimes I was hardly able to go to work. I had a very hard time getting out of my bed in the mornings. Oftentimes I had to crawl arround for some time before I was able to stand upright. Unbearable headaches as well. After undergoing Atlas Balancing, all of the pain is totally gone and I have become a very happy and thankful person! My whole attitude towards life has changed profoundly in a way, that I actually cannot really describe, it is beyond words.”
Teresa B. 56 yrs. Wach, Poland

“He came to me with a diagnosed Alzheimer diease with already diagnosed disintegration of the grey brain-cells… not able to go to work any more, not clearly orientated, not being able to recall things in a healthy way any more. He was not able to drive his car properly, so his wife brought him. After the treatment he amazingly went back to normal functioning and is after half a year able to go to work again.”
Reported by Elisabeth: Karl-Heinz J. 52 yrs. Elmshorn, Germany

“After the Atlas Balancing my body feels very different. The pain in the back, hips and legs is gone. My shoulders have become even and most amazing that my inner life has changed. I feel a kind of lightness, happiness and connection to my God that I never have had in my life before. Life has become a joy!”
Stefan R. 84yrs. Wach, Poland

“I came with a diagnosed diabetes type 1 and a lot of headaches as well as backaches. After three months, the diabetes was gone totally and the aches as well.”
Mister Gö., 65 years, Itzehoe, Germany

“Upon receiving the Atlas Balancing technique, I have to say it was profound! Receiving the codes, I could feel discomfort in areas I hadn’t realized I was holding tension. I found myself breathing in a more activating sort of way, with deep breaths, a sense of release through the breath. My body began to move as if on its own as my spine and muscles began shifting and releasing tensions and blocks and habitual ways of holding myself. From the first moment I heard about this technique, I felt called to it and am so grateful to have been able to experience it.”
Shama Helena, Los Angeles, CA

“The young boy was coming with his mother who tells me that he has a chronic constipation with dramatic convulsions. She said he is only able to go to toilette when he is in a warm bath every 3 or 4 days and is screeming of pain. Right after the treatment he looks at me and said, “my head is better”. After one week and ever since then the problems with cramps and constipation are gone.
Reported by Elisabeth: Raphael N., 2 years old, from Kiel, Germany

“For many many years I suffered under unbearable headaches which no remedy could help me with. Also my legs felt very heavy and painful and I had tinnitus. A few hours after the Atlas Balancing, the headaches were totally gone and didn’t come back again. My legs feel much lighter and the pain is gone.”
Dorota from Warschau, Poland

“I’m still integrating the Atlas Balancing I had last week, I can say that I have enormous sustained energy, lots of subtle energies flowing through my body, some causing aches and some causing pain, I know this is healing and releasing old traumas. The good news is these disappear in a short time, usually a few hours or minutes. I feel as though my whole stomach cavity and all relating parts have gotten cleaned out. I’m loving it so far.”
Shazna Jai, Ashland, OR

“After a severe car-accident, I became hard of hearing on the right ear. The left ear had been deaf from birth. Even though I was wearing a hearing aid I could hardly follow the teachings in school. Right after the Atlas was balanced, I was able to hear clearly again and don’t even need an aid any more!”
Meret, 14 yrs, Eckernforde, Germany


For more information specifically about the training, please email