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What do you imagine life is going to be like in 5 years, 10 years? We are in extraordinary times as we have entered the Golden Age of Higher Consciousness that is about saving Humanity from itself.





“I am so grateful for Anette’s online webinars and teleseminars! I have attended most of them and purchased for my home library so I can watch and listen again. They are truely amazing! What I have noticed is my seeing and insights have increased and I feel so much more connected with myself, others and my Divine nature. The processes are so powerful. Each time I do them I feel uplifted, stronger awarenesses and a transformation in my inner alignment. It is much easier to feel my light inside and to stay with the “what is” as it unfolds.”
Anja Bülow from Sweden

“I truly enjoyed the entire webinar series. Everything you shared especially about putting focus on those things in my life that I do NOT want to create, was great. I have heard it before but have never really understood it. When you spoke about it and we meditated on it, I really saw for real that it does me no good. I know that this new awareness is planted somewhere in my consciousness and I am happy I finally have seen the futility of it. Thank you for your guidances that gives us so much inspiration for living from love and Light.”
– Beverly Maria Salmons, Denmark

“I absolutely love the entire Livestream webinar series Anette did. Two friends watched it with me and we were all crying at the end it was so powerful. We loved the processes that truly spoke to our inner core to live courageously from our authentic nature and purpose. We appreciate Anette’s work SO much, thank you! I also could share with other friends later because I purchased the series to own and they were in awe! I facilitate my own 5 week workshop and showed sessions 1 and 2 and people LOVED it! I also have a weekly meditation evening and I showed part one and people were SO grateful! THANK YOU Anette for that magnificent material! I am happy to share your work.”
– Love and Blessings, Ossie Abrams, Montana

“Thank you so much Anette. I loved every single minute of your Livestream webinar which felt like a constant transmission of pure love and light . The energy was so strong and potent. Many, many shifts and new awarenesses came through. You are helping me see so much. I can’t believe though in the middle of the webinar I got upset at my kids for hitting each other and disturbing me. I thought how could I do this with all that I know. What an instant realization that now I fully know to hurt another is to hurt yourself. Thank you for elevating us all.”
– Blessings and Gratitude, Susie Garner, Australia

“I experience a greater clarity in my life and also a better connection to myself and others. And a super great benefit for me is that I feel more calm with potential stress situations that come my way. Recently, I had to undergo surgery and I was amazed that I managed to stay calm by following the guidances I received from Anette’s webinars. My intuition is becoming more strong and I am receiving many messages about changes to make in my life. Rather than feeling anxious or overwhelmed, I feel calm about that too. So thank you Anette for these beautiful webinars.”
– Much Love and Gratitude…Marianne Støvring, Denmark